Black Lung Benefits Act

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A worker does not always need to be injured to receive compensation for something that happened at work. If an employee comes down with an illness, that is also grounds for receiving benefits from the employer. One of the more notable cases in the history of workers compensation cases is the passing of the Black Lung Benefits Act, which was a win for factory workers across the country.

Hitory of the Black Lung Benefits Act

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was established in 1971 and founded by Richard Nixon. That administration was established to enforce safe working conditions as well as provide training, outreach and education to workers across the country. While many forms of construction from this period still exist, there are much better rights in place today for compensation of work injuries. It was, however, a long evolution of changing laws for workers in many industries and this act was a major touchstone for workers' compensation rights.

Since the 18th century, coal mining was a lucrative method to extract coal to use as energy. But there is a price to pay. Not only have there been many deaths resulting from explosions and falling debris, the inhalation of dust and toxic fumes have caused devastation to miners. Finally in 1973, the Black Lung Benefits Act was issued in the United States to compensate miners suffering from black lung disease. Factory conditions have always been harsh and remain a difficult work environment. If you are looking for and NYC factory workers comp lawyer, then you have come to the right place. Here at GB&M we strive for quality coverage and support for any sort of workers compensation claim.

Vary Laws About Workers' Comp

Laws in the United States can vary in each state. Consult with a workers compensation attorney to fully understand what you are entitled to under today's rules and regulations. Below are some historic laws that have been passed to help employees. Some of these laws are also in place to control workers' compensation fraud, which is more prevalent in society than you may realize. 

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