Falls at Work


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Nov 07, 2018

Falls at Work 

Same-Level Falls are the second most common workers’ compensation claim in New York, according to Liberty Mutual’s 2017 Workplace Safety Index.[1] 

Examples of a same-level fall include: an employee falling on ice or another slippery surface such as a soapy floor, tripping on a computer wire, falling due to an uneven working surface, or being knocked to the floor by a piece of equipment. No matter how an employee sustained a fall, he/she is entitled to benefits as long as the incident occurred on the job. 

The fall can occur anywhere from an office to the sidewalk to a roof. These falls can result in concussion; fractures; broken bones; cuts, abrasions and bruises; shoulder, neck, head, back, knee, and internal organ injuries. 

Falls to a lower level are a leading cause of work-related injuries. These injuries can occur when a worker falls off scaffolding or a ladder, or down stairs. These falls can cause cuts, bruises, abrasions, sprains and broken bones, and concussions. Construction and maintenance workers are at particularly high risk for falls from heights.

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