Workers’ Comp for Administrative Professionals


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Apr 22, 2019

Workers’ Comp for Administrative Professionals

When many people think of workers’ compensation, they think of construction workers and laborers.  But, our attorneys at Gilbert, Blaszcyk & Milburn have been in the workers’ compensation business for many decades, and have had clients from dozens of professions.

This week, as our office is celebrating our own Administrative Professionals, we’ve compiled some of the workers’ compensation claims that office workers may have.

  • Administrative professionals often experience injuries that are gradual in nature. These repetitive motion injuries include carpal tunnel, back pain and eye strain. These conditions can develop over years of typing and staring at a computer screen. Many people do not realize that injuries like carpal tunnel are eligible for workers’ compensation.
  • Slips and falls are a common workplace injury. Wet floors, exposed computer and phone wires, cluttered offices, upturned rugs and uneven surfaces are all everyday hazards in offices. Rain, snow, ice and wind can make sidewalks and parking lots dangerous. No matter how careful we are to straighten our rugs and tuck in loose wires, an accidental fall from a leaky faucet or icy sidewalk can still cause an office worker injury.
  • Many administrative professionals routinely run errands like picking up supplies for their workplace. A car accident when completing a task necessary to his/her job would also fall under workers’ compensation.
  • Unfortunately, office workers are occasionally injured in acts of violence by coworkers or strangers. An assault by a coworker or client would fit under this category. Workplace violence can also include threats, harassment and intimidation.
  • Occupational diseases like asthma can also occur from poor ventilation, exposure to irritants, and/or mold. This can be especially problematic for office workers regularly exposed to manufacturing and construction materials.

If you have suffered any of these workplace injuries, contact the law office of Gilbert, Blaszcyk & Milburn for your free consultation.