Workers Compensation Lawyer

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As a general rule, most employees are required to be covered by workers' compensation. State law vary on some of the areas, but for the most part it is the employer's responsibility to provide proper coverage. The type of work, the type of business and the amount of employees all factor in to what type of coverage is provided. Employers usually purchase workers' compensation insurance packages on the private market, but some do so from state funding. If you are a large employer or a state or local government, you assume the financial risk for their employees benefits. The federal government has its own system for workers' compensation, so those follow their own separate guidelines.

A crucial part of the eligibility is actually being considered an employee. For example, independent contractors, such as freelancers or consultants are not entitled to the benefits of workers' compensation. Volunteers are also typically not entitled to these benefits, but some organizations provide that option. Make sure you understand where you fall under and that it is clearly stated whether you are an employee and not simply a contractor, as you may not be eligible for any benefits in result of an injury or illness. If you thought you were covered as an employee, but were misled, then you may be able to sue for workers' compensation fraud. 

And before you decide whether or not you are covered and eligible, make sure the injury or illness you suffered is work-related. This can sometimes be a bit hazy and unclear, but working out the details leading up and/or during the incident will go a long way to ensuring you receive the benefits you are owed by your employer.

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