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Experienced New York Workers Compensation Lawyer

But no matter the reason your workers’ compensation claim is denied, each lawyer is here to help everyone in New York. We will follow through with your work injury claim and fight for the money that you deserve. So please, do not hesitate to reach out to learn more! You can also check out our Facebook page. See why others in New York have chosen us as their workers compensation lawyer.

How Claims Are Paid Out

When it comes to workers' compensation cases, no one party is at fault. The claimant receives an amount of money and compensation for their work injury. However, the workers' compensation amount is not dictated by his or her carelessness at work. And the amount does not increase if it is the fault of the employer. It is a predetermined sum.

For example, the worker will lose any compensation from a work injury if they are intoxicated from drugs or alcohol. Another way a worker can lose their worker compensation rights is if there is an intent to injure him or herself, or a fellow co-worker. These situations will void a claim.

If Your Claim Is Denied

It is common for a workers compensation claim to be denied. Not filing a claim in time is one of the more common reasons for the denial. It simply wasn’t processed in time and many states require the claim to be filed pretty soon after the incident. It is also possible that your employer disputes your claim of injury. More significant reasons include:

  • Your injury possibly not happening at your workplace
  • Your injury is a pre-existing condition
  • The claim form not being filled out correctly or sufficiently