Types of Injuries Covered by Workers’ Compensation

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Different injuries can lead to workers' compensation claims. But if you think you have a case for workers' compensation, our Long Island law office can review and consult with you and get you the benefits you deserve.

For an injury to be covered by workers' compensation, the injury needs to happen while working on the job. This includes working on your regular job site, traveling to another work site, or attending a company-sponsored event. However, the injury does not need to be severe in order to qualify. Simply put you our of work or hamper your ability to work.

If you are unsure if your injury falls under workers compensation rules of New York, then please reach out to Gilbert, Blaszcyk & Milburn, LLP. We can help you determine the validity of your case and go over the best routes of moving forward.

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Work Injury Accidents

The most common type of injury that leads to a workers' compensation claim is a simple accident. These injuries can be minor or a little more severe. And the severity of the injury will impact the payout of the compensation claim. Injuries like sprained ankles or pulled muscles fall under the minor category, but they may also lead to having to miss time from work.  But then you have more severe injuries, like broken arms or legs or cuts that require stitches, where the time you miss from work is longer.

And on top of that, these workers' comp claims should cover the medical expenses. Whether it is the ankle brace for a sprain or the stitches for a cut, getting injured on the job means that is grounds for a workers compensation claim.

Your Pre-Existing Condition Gets Worse

Pre-existing conditions can be a murky area when it comes to receiving workers' compensation benefits. But more often than not, if you have a pre-existing condition that gets worse as a result of your work then you may be eligible to receive workers' compensation to help with the bills and any time off. For example, if you suffer an injury that impacts a pre-existing condition, then you may be entitled to receive benefits afterwards. Such as hurting your back after you have already been diagnosed with arthritis in your spine. Our legal team will help you with your pre-existing condition and get you the workers' compensation you are entitles to!

Occupational Diseases

There are certain jobs where the working conditions may lead to sickness and long-term illness. An occupational disease, when it comes to workers' compensation benefits, is something that develops as a result of exposure to certain workplace hazards. As with injuries, these sicknesses can be both minor and severe. You can develop minor illnesses, such bronchitis. However, many of the occupational diseases that fall under the workers' compensation umbrella tend to be on the severe side, such as cancer. So if you believe that you are sick due to your work environment, then you may be in line for workers' compensation coverage.

Repetitive Stress Injuries

When you perform the same task over and over again over long periods of time, you may develop something called "repetitive stress injuries." If these injuries can be tracked back to the work someone does, then it can be covered by New York's workers' compensation benefits. One of the most common examples of a repetitive stress injury is carpal tunnel syndrome. This is an injury that many people in offices suffer from, since they spend much of their time typing. Or developing tendinitis for an occupation like plumbing or contracting can also be entitles to workers' compensation from a repetitive stress injury.

Mental Health Issues Caused By Stress

The state of New York does allow people to file workers' compensation claims for stress-related mental health issues. However, these are difficult cases to win compared to the other types of injuries that fall under workers' compensation. They typically require the worker needing to experience a traumatic event at a workplace, like a robbery or a severe injury or death of a coworker to apply. Or perhaps the worker suffered a serious injury, which subsequently led to some mental distress. Our Long Island injury law firm can help you when it comes to your workers' compensation claim and fight for you to get the benefits you deserve.

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