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Most Common Workplace Accidents

As an experienced work accident lawyer, we have dealt with it all. We know that there are many different ways you can hurt yourself at work. Here are some of the more common workplace accidents that may result in a workers' compensation case:

  • Motor vehicle & car accidents
  • Slips and falls
  • A fall from height
  • Electrocution
  • Overexertion
  • Hit by an object
  • Struck or bump against the wall, door, window, cabinet, etc.
  • Entanglement
  • Repetitive motions
  • Violence

Learn more about these common workplace accidents. Our respected workers' compensation law firm will help you with your claim. Even if it was denied!

Why Your Claim Was Denied

There could be a few different reasons your workers compensation claim was denied. The most common reason is simply not filing the claim in time. Many states require you to file for workers compensation as soon as possible. And by that they mean typically within the first few days of the accident. More significant reasons include:

  • Your injury possibly not happening at your workplace
  • You employer simply denies the claim
  • The injury is a pre-existing condition
  • Your claim form not being filled out correctly or sufficiently

However, no matter the reason for the denial of the claim, we are here to help! As your lawyer, we will follow through with your work accident claim and fight for the money that you deserve.

Help With Appeal Process

Most businesses will give a denied claim the option to appeal that decision. Your first step in this case is to reach out to your insurance company and see why the benefits were denied. They can tell you, in good detail, exactly why the claim was denied. Then you can decide if an appeal is worth pursuing. If you want to file for an appeal regarding your work accident claim, then that is when you can look into hiring a lawyer to help.

As your work accident lawyer, we will review your injury’s medical documentation with your health provider. Together we can determine a course of action and if a more detailed or specific medical report should be submitted to the judge during the appeal trial. Deciding whether or not there is enough evidence of your work accident is another way us as your lawyer can help.