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Gilbert, Blaszcyk & Milburn is a work injury law firm years of experience representing clients throughout Long Island, New York. Know your work injury rights! There is a lot of nuance that goes into these laws. So handing over some control to an experienced law firm can make or break any workers' compensation case. For more information about our workers’ compensation representation, please contact one of our offices below:

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When you call, we can provide you with a free consultation and estimate. We will go over your rights for your work injury and what sort of benefits that you may be entitled to. So if you have been injured on the job, turn to a law firm that you can trust!

What Is Workers Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is insurance that provides cash benefits and/or medical care for workers who are injured on the job or become ill as a direct result of their job. Your work injury rights cover most aspects that fall under that umbrella. The employers pay for this insurance. So they do not require the employee to contribute to the cost of compensation. The Workers’ Compensation Board is a state agency that processes the claims and directs businesses to disperse these weekly cash benefits and medical care. The employer’s insurance carrier pays this out. If Board intervention is ultimately necessary, it will determine whether that insurer will reimburse for cash benefits and/or medical care, and the amounts payable.

In congenial workers’ compensation cases, no one party is determined to be at fault for the work injury or illness. That is why this insurance exists. It covers the dangers of a job. The claimant receives an amount of money and compensation for their trials and tribulations and the two parties move on. For the most part, the amount is set in stone. The payout does not change based on the circumstances.

However, there are stipulations that may arise which make compensation more ambiguous. When this happens, this is where we come in. A classic argument made by the employer is claiming carelessness at work. But simple carelessness. If the incident involves drugs or alcohol, then the worker likely lose any workers compensation. Another way a worker can lose their worker compensation rights is if there is an intent to injure him or herself, or a fellow co-worker. Our lawyers are well versed in work injury rights and will help you get compensated fairly.

Work injury claim formTypes Of Injury Claims

When you suffer a work injury, there are a few different types of claims you may follow suit with. In general, the type of claim you can pursue will depend on the facts of your specific case. So determining the appropriate type of claim is important, because each has its own standard of proof. The following are the three main categories of personal injury claims. Know your work injury rights.

Negligence: A negligence claim is the most common type of personal injury case. In a nutshell, this is when an individual is considered negligent when they fail to act with at least the same degree of responsibility that you would expect from ordinary person in a similar situation.

Intentional Torts: An intentional tort is a willful act that causes an injury, such as a mugging. An intentional tort is normally both a crime and a tort.

Strict Liability: In a strict liability lawsuit, you can win without proving that the defendant was careless, reckless, or acting in an intentional manner. In most states, strict liability applies when a defective product is the cause of the injury.

When you turn to us, we will help you select the type of claim that best suits your case. We will go over all the factors of your personal injury or accident and consult you on the best course of action. We aim to get you the most compensation possible and we will go above and beyond to help you get what you deserve.