Workers Compensation Claims Factors

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When it comes to a workers compensation claim, there are various factors in play that will affect the value of the claim. Let's take a look at the overview for the factors that may play a role in the value of your workers' compensation claim in New York. At Gilbert, Blaszcyk, and Milburn, we have years of experience helping clients get the compensation benefits they deserve. We are the #1 law office on Long Island, New York when it comes to handling workers' compensation claims and benefits.

Type of Injury

Workers' compensation covers a wide range of injuries that occur at a workplace. So, any claims that qualify for total disability will likely receive higher compensation than those that do not qualify.

Receive Medical Care & Treatment

All reasonable medical care that relates to the work injury must be covered by the claim. And in certain cases, a mileage reimbursement for travel to medical facilities is included.

Missing Time From Work

It is simple. The more time you miss, the more your workers' compensation claim is worth. This is the #1 reason for insurers to dispute the date for your return to work. They want you back ASAP, but you need to be medically cleared.

Average Weekly Wage

In New York, your disability payments are calculated based on two-thirds of your average weekly wage at the time of the work injury. However, if you are able to work, but earn less due to the injury, then your average weekly wage is used to compensate you for two-thirds of your lost income.

Permanent Disability

Obviously, most workers who get injured on the job fully recover in due time and return to employment. Unfortunately though, some may be permanently disabled. When there is a permanent disability, then the injured worker can receive additional compensation.

Long Island Workers Compensation Attorneys

The staff at Gilbert, Blaszcyk, and Milburn has years of experience working with injured workers and workers' compensation claims. To help with the many workers' compensation claims and clients we handle on a regular basis, we have multiple offices across Long Island, New York with a suitable workers' comp attorney on staff. From construction accidents, to death claims, to minor injuries or illnesses, our law firm can help!

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